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Emotional Well-Being

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When we have a negative experience (this may include but is not limited to trauma), two things happen. Firstly our body builds a cellular memory, imprinting the experience onto the emotional body creating the beginnings of a physical effect.  When the emotion attached to the experience remains unacknowledged, the cellular memory develops a storage in the form of an energy block within our body. Emotion is energy - to be more precise, emotion is Energy in Motion. Repeated emotion creates matter, and if it is an adverse emotion, matter will often present itself as a symptom (or symptoms), such as pain, un-wellness, addiction, disorder etc. 

Secondly, the subconscious mind creates a compensating behavior or identity. Our mind wishes to 'protect' us from feeling the negative emotions of our past and in doing so, creates a reaction or identity to cover up the emotion. We have for generations been conditioned to not feel emotions unless they are that of joy. We have been encouraged to 'push those emotions away', find distractions to avoid them, or 'get over' them. Therefore we become convicted to the behavior or identity, we believe that we are that behavior/identity. 

There are many 'healing' modalities available today - different only in the way they are taught and performed. Reiki for example, is one modality, yet it has many different forms and teachings. To us at Sacred Emotions, Reiki is simply moving energy with pure intention. Intention is also energy, therefore it is necessary to understand the implications of any intention. Within our model, we choose to refrain from words such as 'healing', this is because 'healing' is the power from within yourself. Under our Model, what we will do is guide you toward understanding the connection of your 5 bodies. The practice of living in wellness is entirely up to you. 


A holistic approach is essential and together we will explore the underlining emotion that comes with a physical experience.  (We are not medical practitioners and am unable to diagnose or prescribe any kind of medications)

If you are ready to unburden yourself of unwanted symptoms, please feel free to contact us and ask any questions. We are here to serve. 


$99 for a Single Navigation Session (1 Hour)

All pricing is AUD$

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