Emotional Well-Being

When we have a negative experience (this may include but is not limited to trauma), two things happen. Firstly our body builds a cellular memory, imprinting the experience on the emotional body creating the beginnings of a physical effect.  Secondly, the subconscious mind creates a compensating behavior or identity


When the emotion attached to the experience remains unacknowledged, the cellular memory develops a storage in the form of an energy block within our body. The symptom of this blockage ultimately becomes:

  • pain 

  • un-wellness

  • addiction  or/and

  • some kind of 'disorder' 

There are many 'healing' modalities available today - different only in the way they are taught and performed. Within our model, we don't talk about 'healing' so much as wellbeing. This is because 'healing' is the power from within yourself, we make no claim that we will 'heal' you. Under our 5 Bodies Model, what we will do is guide you toward understanding the connection of your 5 bodies

A (w)holistic approach is essential and together we will explore the underlining emotion that comes with a physical experience.  (We are not medical practitioners and am unable to diagnose or prescribe any kind of medications)


$99 for a Single Navigation Session (1 Hour)