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Card &Medium Readings 

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Readings always flow on their own into the direction required for you. If you have a question you would like to focus on, we can assist in providing that direction. You can choose from the following guidance formats:

  • Life Purpose

  • Direction (general)

  • Career

  • Relationship (not only for partner relationships)

If you are looking for a different format of guidance please let us know what you do require and we will work together to fulfil your needs. 

Please know that readings are not to inform you on what decision(s) you need to make. Readings are a tool for guidance, helping you to make choices which feel right for you, perhaps reminding you of what you are required to address, acknowledge, or dissolve. Often our emotions are deeply touched in readings and are required to be acknowledged allowing us to move forward with a light heart. 

Readings may be completed in person or via video/phone, with cards, or without cards. The choice is yours.

To book your reading, use the 'Book Now' button below or:

  • Message us via Messenger here<

  • Message us via Instagram here<

  • Phone/Text Trish (Gold Coast) +61 4910-46403


$88 (up to 1 hour)

All pricing is AUD$

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