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Medium Reading 

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We are able to provide readings in different ways, either way the message you receive will be what you require the most. We can provide:

  • Tarot/Oracle Cards,

  • Mediumship - connecting to loved ones who have passed,

  • Akashic Records - past life bridging,   or

  • Tea Leaf Reading

Please know that readings are not about your future or to inform you on what decision you need to make. Readings are a tool for guidance, helping you to make the right decision for you, perhaps reminding you of what you are required to address, acknowledge, or dissolve. Often times our readings will bring forward past or current emotions which need to be acknowledged and understood so that the receiver is able to the move forward with a light heart. 

Readings may be done in person or via video, distance does not mater in the energetic realm. 

To book your reading, use the 'Book Now' button below or:

  • Message us via Messenger here<

  • Message us via Instagram here<

  • Phone/Text Trish (Gold Coast) +61 4910-46403


$88 (approx. 1 hour)

All pricing is AUD$

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