What People Say

"I was fortunate to do the 12 week foundation programme with Trish.


It was one of those things that I had been meaning to do “one day” – one day when I wasn’t so busy, one day when the kids were grown up, one day when I could afford it, one day when … - well you get the picture!  To sit down for a dedicated hour each week with another person to concentrate on just me was long overdue.  It was emotionally tough and confronting at times but to physically document my history and my values and understand how these impact on my daily decisions has been an invaluable experience.    


Trish has a lovely way about her which made it easy to trust her and open up when required.  It was a true partnership where she made me identify the issues and the solutions through her careful questioning and challenging.  She was able to delve through our discussion and concentrate on the important points that I made and repeat them back to me without me realising I had said them.  She made it clear that she was available at any time to contact her and discuss my progress and she would often just send a txt or email to check in with me.


It has been a few months since the end of my foundation programme and I can honestly say that I still utilise the skills that I learnt every day in both my personal and my business life.   I now feel permanently grounded – I thought I knew what I was about but there is a sense of commitment and honestly in having to dig through 50 years of life experience and acknowledge what is really important to me.


Thank you Trish – I am so glad that I didn’t keep waiting for “one day” any longer."



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Rotoura, New Zealand

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