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A Practice of Wellness

What is the practice of wellness? In todays world, there are so many different kinds of wellness tools available, be it from the modern medical world or the alternative route. Although I do not take part in modern medicine, I do strongly believe there is a place for it. Many would likely think that I am against modern medicine, its just that I believe, like many things in the modern world, that we take advantage of it and overuse it to the point of detriment. There are many other kinds of practices available for us to use, so many in fact it can be overwhelming. So, what practice would be the right one to use, if I may attempt to make the tiniest scratch to the surface?

Does practicing wellness mean I need to wear a myriad of crystals and build crystal grids to take advantage of their energetic drive? Not for me. I do love to swim in their energies, admire their beauty and allow them to help me learn from within. I also acknowledge the assistance I have had over the years from crystals, their energy gently presenting emotions I was required to understand from their deepest meaning. I do not need crystals for my wellness, I do choose to enjoy their presence and accept their assistance when it is offered.

Perhaps the answer of my wellness is understanding astrology. To know which planet is in retrograde and how will it affect my being at this time? Not for me. I observe that I am often polar opposite to the apparent meaning of the aspects, retrogrades, or transits etc. I do, however, follow the moon cycles and enjoy time to look at the stars on a clear night, thus giving me connection to the above. I also like to refer to my birth chart so that I can understand the deepest parts of myself, taking in what I feel is true and correct for me. In particular, I will consider something if I don’t like the look or thought of it. Usually, it would be our distaste for something which signifies what we are required to search deep inside of ourselves. This is where a piece of my wellness may lie.

Does practicing wellness see me sitting for hours with my legs folded beneath me, palms open and uttering ‘ummmmmm’? Not for me. I like to put aside a few moments each day to practice emptying my mind, although my unpracticed knees are not happy to be sitting cross legged on the floor for any length of time! Yes, I need to switch off the constant chatter of my mind and allow my heart to be heard. This to me is meditation, in which ever way I manage to achieve that… and there are many ways.

Perhaps playing with my Tarot/Oracle cards every day looking for answers of my future is a good wellness practice? Not for me. I do love my Tarot and Oracle cards, yet for me they are a tool to identify the emotions which require attention in a given moment when I’m feeling less than content. I very rarely see any kind of future prediction in my cards, especially for myself, and if I do see something in the cards of others, I’m very, very cautious about how this is approached. More often, the mind can take over intuition and start making up its own stories!

Maybe the practice of Reiki is a great means to wellness? Reiki is a beautiful practice, and is no longer one for me. I am ever grateful to Reiki for entering my world, it certainly taught me so very much and set me into a journey of wellness, fulfilling my passions, discovering myself and helping others. Although Reiki is all religions, yet none at all, to me it is like religion. It has rules and regulations. You must do this to get that result and you must do that to gain this insight. It became very limiting for me, keeping me in a box I did not belong. It is right for many, just not for me.

Perhaps the gift of wellness is in what I feed my body and the movement I provide for it? Should I be vegan and exercise at least an hour a day? Not for me!! Don’t get me wrong, I move my body, preferring more gentle exercises now days! And indeed my body is likely to benefit from more movement than what I am currently providing. I strive to eat good clean food, sourcing or growing organically as much as I can. I don’t eat meat because I have not enjoyed red meat for as long as I can remember. As a young child I used to palm my meat off onto my brothers plates. I celebrated when the orthodontist said I couldn’t eat steak with my braces and cried when I no longer had that excuse. As commercialism becomes a bigger issue and poultry is raised in hideous circumstances, the taste of them has become quite offensive to me and the longer I go without eating meat, the less I want to taste even the most ethically raised and yummiest smelling of meats. I don’t attempt to fit into the socially accepted amount of exercise and choice of foods. I eat what my body is able to absorb in todays highly processed world, I exercise when my body screams out at me. I don’t judge myself for my lack thereof. I don’t take on board any one else’s judgement, for that belongs only to them. I have learnt to listen to my body and provide what it requires…. That is when I don’t choose to ignore it!

Energy Work, Breath Work, Romi Romi, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Shamanism, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda…… to name but a few. What wellness looks like to me, is connection of my 5 bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ethereal) and this connection begins with learning to understand the self. When we understand the self, we are then able to discover what it is like to love the self. This is indeed a practice. It is moment by moment, it is without expectation and without acceptance of what others might think, do think or even try to influence. It is tiny step by tiny step, it is patience and trust. I achieve it in the ways I feel work for me. I may require tools, as listed above and I have confidence that I will know what is right for me when the time arrives. However, what is right for me, may not be right for you.

I don’t pick up a book, absorb word for word and throw my entire being into those words. Todays world is a lifetime of contradictions. Dr Thingy has evidence of this, where Dr MeBob has evidence which is a complete paradox. What do you believe? Me, I believe what is right for me, I absorb only what I feel is right for ME.

I wish to not judge any format or modality of healing. I wish to not provide an opinion where it is not asked for (which can leave me short for conversation at times!) I wish to constantly discover and consistently learn. I wish to love each and every being without condition and without expectation.

When I am able to say, hand on heart, that I have achieved these things, then I will be able to say that I am well. I will be able to say that I am the most well for my being.

I wish you the wellness which is right and pure for your being, however that is achieved. I encourage you to be open minded and dissolve your need for expectation. If something worked or didn’t work for your peer(s), doesn’t make it right or wrong for you. Take a journey of wellness for yourself, for it is your journey, it does not belong to anyone else.

From my heart to yours x

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