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A Time To Return

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Kia Ora, Greetings, Blessings!

It seems that (at least for now) I am back! I do apologize for my absence/lack of communication. It is a requirement in this physical world to earn an income, and so over the last 18 months or so, I have been working to build a new career. This, because the scar from my work trauma reminds me never to go back to the administrational role I worked so hard in for over 30 years. I have sewn up that wound of hurt and betrayal, it no longer seeps, however the scar is always there to remind me my role is not within that space. I am indeed very grateful for this scar, and I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to rebuild in a space where I truly make a difference. And so, I have retrained, and I continue to train and learn in an industry I am deeply passionate about! There is a word I was never able to honestly claim in the business world – passion; but yes, I am truly deeply passionate about the care, assistance, and guidance I provide for those who suffer from Dementia. I am privileged and sincerely honoured to earn the trust of these divine beings.

And so, during this time, I have had to switch off from social media and the likes as I find my way. Something I have learnt about myself in recent times, is that my dyslexic mind throws me into overwhelm way too easily. Despite my coaching background, despite my self-awareness, despite my practices, this mental body still has the ability to take over and trip me up…. and often self-sabotage - yes I have fears too!

The old habits of always putting others before myself have ceased a long time ago. I have been in an awareness that I needed to realign my own structure before I fully commit to returning to Sacred Emotions. Although I am not fully available, I am available, and ready to commit. Yes my website and social media require some major attention, I’m

guessing I’ve lost my audience and expect that I need to start over. It will all come together in divine timing…. in this I trust.

If you are still with me, thank you! If you are new to this page, thank you.. and WELCOME! I am honoured and grateful for your presence. I am excited to serve. I am excited to see our paths meet.

Please feel free to reach out, to enquire, or to just observe. Blessings to you.

Your heart and my heart are as one.

Trish x

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