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New Heights

Tēnā koutou katoa.

Firstly, please forgive my lack of communication of late - via this blog and social media. Many of you may already be aware that my husband and I are in the middle of downsizing and transitioning from our humble family home here in Rotorua, to new beginnings in the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. We have always had a strong connection to the land of Australia and have always spoken of returning. Our main motivation for going to the GC is to be near our first granddaughter and we are excited to not only be with this part of our family, but also for the unknown in our new beginnings. Honestly, we have no idea what lays in front of us, however every inch of my soul is certain that this is where we need to be.

This morning, I was reading a blog from a beautiful soul I follow ( if you want to check her out) where she mentioned the need "to let go of the need to know". How true this is. My husband and I had certainly felt the fear of the massive risks we are taking and have taken, however we also are very much trusting the process no matter what has been thrown at us. A few months back I learnt to surrender my need to know what is in front of us and what our new life shall look like. Life is so much more magical when we allow the organic flow, when we surrender our need to know and we trust the process. It really is beautiful to observe.

My to do list is ever increasing at this time. My social media has been very neglected, as has my website. My website requires a massive overhaul as so much about who I am has changed and the website no longer reflects that. I am also in the middle of writing a book which is currently on hold. Intentionally once we have somewhat settled and rested, I will get back to writing and updating. Despite my negligence in these things, I want to assure you and in particular any of my clients (past, present & future), that I am always available via messenger, text or phone, just as I always have been. Please do reach out if you are feeling uncertain about anything at all. I will ensure to update my phone number on all media as soon as I can, all other means of contact will remain the same.

Although my physical work here in Rotorua is mostly concluded, please know that I have always been working with people overseas - my availability won't change, only my physical location.

As a collective, I see so many new beginnings on a global level. This very morning, I saw a message of endings in the Maple tree outside my bedroom window. As I sat and sipped at my coca a little later, I watched a monarch butterfly zig zag across my front lawn. Butterflies represent new beginnings, so this morning I have seen representation of endings and new beginnings, beautiful confirmations. If you are experiencing new beginnings also (as I'm very sure you are) I wish you much light and love. May you surrender the need to know, may you trust the process and may you gracefully allow the flow to take you on a most magical journey.

And so, I say Ka kite anō au i a koutou (I'll see you again) to my whanau, to the beautiful people I have connected with, to the grounding force of Maunga Ngongotaha and Tarawera. To this whenua which has seen my babies grow into gifted men. To the flowing awa of Waikato and the roto of Taupo. I am grateful for all that has been, for all that is and all that will be. I am grateful for all those who have walked before me and all those who walk alongside me in this human experience.

And so, for now I sign off and shall look forward to connecting with you again very soon.

Kia hora te marino. Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana. He huarahi ma tatou i te rangi nei. Aroha atu, aroha mai. Tatou i a tatou katoa. Hui e! Taiki e!

(May peace be widespread. May the sea be like greenstone. A pathway for us all this day. Let us show respect for each other. For one another. Bind us all together!)

Sunrise on Rotopounamu 13th March 2021

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