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Emotional Polarity Scale

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled." — The Kybalion.

The fourth principle of the Hermetic teachings (further information here< ) is ‘Polarity’. Everything is dual/has its opposite, everything has an enigmatic reconciliation. The difference between the two poles is only in the level of vibration.

Hot – cold

love – hate/anger

high – low etc.

By putting duel poles onto a scale, we are then able to visualize the scale and identify the central point.

Hot ____________*____________ Cold

Once we have the central point, we can see that it is no longer neither hot nor cold. If it is neither hot or cold, then hot and cold must be of the same thing. (Yes, it is warm but what is warm? Is it hot or is it cold?)

Let’s try love and hate on a scale.

Love ____________*____________ Hate

What is hate once it is in the middle of the polarity scale? Does it have the ability to become love?

Visualizing such emotions like this highlighted for me the saying “a fine line between love and hate.” We’ll that sure is the truth!

Life is a choice therefore; we can choose our emotions. Using the Emotional Polarity Scale is a great way to shifting our thought patterns. If you find you are in a situation of frustration /anger with a person/situation, visualize that emotion on a polarity scale and see it shifting to the center. I have found that this can have a profound effect. Not only does the emotion shift, you may also be able to notice what the true emotion is and where it is has originated from.

To give you an example I have an adult son who is very similar to me. We had been at logger heads pretty much since his young teenage years, no other person has ignited such surges of emotions in me the way he can. We have always both been very aware of why we clashed so often and despite the intense emotions of anger and frustration between us, we are also able to express ourselves deeply with each other. Because of our similarities, no one quite understands us the way we understand each other.

After one of our confrontations, I took a moment to explore the polarity scale and shift my emotions. I considered the emotion that I was feeling – anger. In my minds eye, I pictured the polarity scale with love at the polar end. I moved the scale to the center of the poles and noted what the emotion was there. It wasn’t in the love end of the scale, and it was no longer anger. What I noticed was an emotion that took me by surprise. It was something that had been sitting with me for many years, yet I was not aware of it. I observed this emotion for a time, recognizing where it originated from with a knowing that my recent reaction was not at all to do with my son, but all to do with my own past. From there, I was quickly able to move the scale to the top end of love. The anger/frustration previously felt, dissolved completely into nothingness.

Interestingly, this happened last year so it was some time ago now. I’m happy to report that there has been no confrontation in any manner between myself and my son since I first used the Emotional Polarity Scale. Our relationship is now one of calm, if at any time either of us feel misunderstood we are quickly able to recognize that and make it known in a far less confrontational manner.

It is worth knowing that our negative emotions and our reactions come from past experiences. Its very easy to have a negative emotion and blame a person/situation for that emotion. The fact is it goes much deeper than that. I suggest you try out the polarity scale of emotion and observe what goes on for you.

When you feel a negative emotion:

# Visualize the emotion on a polarity scale with ‘love/forgiveness’ at the polar end

# Shift the scale to the central point of the poles

# Note what the emotion is once it is in the center

# Observe where that emotion originated from, what was the original experience?

NOTE: It is important at this point not to delve into any trauma, the point is to recognize that the emotion you were feeling moments ago does not ‘come from’ the situation you were just in

# Be at peace with that recognition

# Now you should be able to shift your scale to the polar end of love/forgiveness

Other emotions to try on the scale could be Judgement and Fear. The polarity to these is still Love.

I hope you are able to find this a useful tool. Find peace within yourself and explore emotional freedom.


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