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It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Tena koutou whanau,

It is not my usual stance to write about current affairs- for many reasons, however in this case, I am strongly feeling the push to provide some calm in this time of chaos. Those who will hear what is needed to be heard, will hear it and take what is required for them.

One thing I said to a client yesterday, is that we need to ride this out and observe. Upon our surfboard, ride the wave and let it take us to where we need to be, all the while, observe the scenery. Remember that it is always about the journey, not the destination. Panic, anxiety and fear are emotions that create un-wellness and further negative energies. I implore everyone to nurture in this time. Nurture, observe and rest.

Nurture yourself, eat good clean kai and if you feel the need, take extra supplements to boost your immunity (Olive leaf extract, echinacea & garlic are good ones). Look after our vulnerable, keep them safe and ensure they are taking in nutritious kai. One beautiful Kuia told me the other week that she was drinking Kawakawa tea to boost her immunity. I love her proactive thinking!

Observe what is going on around us. There has been a large decline in man made emissions during this time. Papatuanuku is taking time to breath, we are allowing her to rest. I understand that there is a huge impact on economy and those of you in business. I do empathise with your situation; I have been in business myself and in business support for many years. I am still self-employed, my family are all employed, their income is decisive on the business of others. In all honesty we have been expecting this for many years now. Every business is encouraged to have a contingency plan. What goes up must come down, the last recession was 2009 we were due for another one, it is the way of economics. It happens for many reasons, a pandemic is apparently one of them! We must breath in this time, trust that all will work out for the great of good. Keep your mind calm while you undertake the action or inaction that is required.

Rest in the time that you are given. If you are self-isolating or forced to have time from work, please use this time to rest and recover. The last few months have been emotionally exhausting all around the world (yes, it is all related). Take time to reflect and breath, perhaps even embrace your creative side while you have the chance to do so. Take this time to make plans – without expectation - and focus on your desires. Calm your mind and enjoy what may develop from that calm space.

A friend sent me a lovely writing titled Contagion by Mary Baker Eddy. A piece that stands out for me and which I would like to share with you now “We do what others do, believe what others believe, and say what others say. Common consent is contagious, and it makes disease catching.” It goes on to talk about how it is so easy for man to catch a negative state of mind and body and how different the health system would be if we were to as easily catch the positive states. Well said in my opinion and something for us all to consider.

So, in a nutshell whanau, what is required of us right now is to drop our defensive panic/fear and trust the process. Papatuanuku is spring cleaning and in spring cleaning comes chaos – it gets worse before it gets better. If we go with the flow, we will have so much more energy when the dawn rises.

Noho ora mai

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